The Greater Tallassee Area Chamber of Commerce provides significant benefits for its members:


* Chamber Chats provides an opportunity for the members to gather and exchange information and to network with each other.  Each Chamber Chat focuses on a particular business or community amenity and is a significant promotional tool.

* This website provides information for and about members.  It contains a community calendar of events.  It provides links to members so that members can promote business through their own website.

* The Chamber provides ribbon cutting celebrations, ground breaking celebrations, grand openings, open houses and supports all of these events.  The Chamber assists members in inviting local dignitaries, promoting the events, providing all of the paraphernalia for the events, including ribbon and scissors!

* The Chamber promotes the ribbon cuttings, ground breakings, grand openings and open houses with local advertising via radio and newspaper and through direct internet communications with other members.

* Each year the Chamber has general gatherings- – a banquet, which all members are invited to attend.

* At the Banquet, the Chamber provides significant recognition to many of its members. 

* The Chamber has assembled demographic information for the use of its members in promoting business and making business decisions.

* The Chamber keeps its members in touch with community leaders.

* The Chamber works to improve quality of life in the community by working with and promoting the schools, hospital, and churches, civic clubs, The Historical Society, the McCraney-Cottle Arts Council, the Mount Vernon Theatre and many others.

* The Chamber provides members with member discounts for local goods and services by negotiating with other members who provide those goods and services.  The local that provide the discounted goods and services develop their own business base by providing those benefits.

* A monthly newsletter, from the Chamber provides current information on events in the Tallassee Community and keeps members informed of the work of the Chamber.

* The Chamber has undertaken a “Tallassee Now Campaign”.  The Tallassee Now Campaign will work at multiple levels to improve the coordination of the events and efforts by community organizations.  It is a campaign to improve communications and to provide publicity for the entire Greater Tallassee Area.  It will promote our historic resources and communicate our attractions and attractiveness to the world.  It promotes events that the Chamber creates, as well as event of other organizations.  In short, it is an effort to improve and promote industry, business and the quality of life in the community.